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About TexMoji

The wait is finally over! Texans have been asking for their own emojis for the past several years, so we finally pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and made it happen.

Like all custom Emoticon keyboards for the iPhone, TexMoji requires you to enable Full Access, so that you can Copy & Paste a TexMoji into your message. Don't worry, we aren't tracking any of your information, what you're typing, or anything else. Heck, we don't even know what awesome TexMoji you're using - unless you send a text message to one of us! If you have any concerns, we also have a Privacy Policy.

Like all custom emoji keyboards, this is a copy/paste keyboard. In fact, there is currently only 2 ways to implement custom keyboards. The other method would be a stand-alone messaging application, but that would leave out others who might not have the app, so we chose the copy/paste method. Social media sites and similar platforms do not support custom emojis like TexMojis. However, you can take a screen shot and share that way.

 Apple has a limitation on image quality. The smaller they are, the less detailed (and more pixelated) they become. Because of that limitation we've made the TexMoji's big & beautiful so they can stand out on their own! Don't be afraid to let your Texas pride fly high with TexMoji!


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